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We offer the most eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your landscape management needs. Invasive species are no match for a herd of goats.


Invasive species?

Over grown vegetation?

Wildfire risk?

We’ve got you covered.

Goats are grazing machines.


What do Goats Eat?

Almost anything. Including autumn olive, brambles, poison ivy, sumac, wild grapevines, and much more. Their digestive systems even sterilize the seeds, so you end up with natural fertilizer without weed seeds. You can’t say that about chickens or horses.

Invasive species are no match for a herd of goats. And they can get into places it’s difficult for humans or machines. Think ditches, ravines, and steep slopes.

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Goats can get into places humans and machines can't. Think ravines, ditches, and creeksides.



Why Choose Goats as Your  Landscapers?

They’re cuter than a brush hogging machine, much quieter, and more eco-friendly. 

Goats cause minimal disturbance of the land – can’t say that for a tractor hauling a brush hog. In fact, their hoof action tills the soil making it perfect for reseeding native species. 

Their manure puts nutrients right back into the soil. A herd of goats can help you create a beautiful meadow, a native species wood, or a natural creekside. 

What’s your plan for your landscape? We can incorporate your vision of nature while the goats are grazing the invasives. You supply the seeds; the goats will till and fertilize.



Why Choose Me and My Goats?

My goats are family.  My herd of goats and sheep (yes, I’ve incorporated sheep into my herd) are well cared for and watched out for by my pair of Great Pyrenees guard dogs. Camping with my goats and the guard dogs. I love being a nomad grazier. Your only task is to enjoy watching my goats as they quietly eat their way through your overgrown vegetation. I supply fencing, water, predator guards (the Pyrenees), and night shelter. I’m often found camping alongside my herd. I love being a nomadic herder.

I’m also an ardent environmentalist. You’ll see pictures of me riding my bicycle with the trailer bringing brush and other goodies to my goats.  I also try to get to any ripe blackberries before the goats. I love the taste of fresh blackberries, too.

Are you interested in how goats might fit into your landscaping plans?